As 2021 draws to it’s close, don’t miss out on the dream of owning a boat this year! Here at Gold Coast Boating Centre, we are helping your dream become a reality by having over 13 boats ready for Pre-Christmas delivery! Take a look at the list below and secure this chance to get in a boat before the Christmas break!

  1. Stessco Gulfrunner 550
  2. Stessco Gulfrunner 520
  3. Stessco Gulfrunner 490
  4. Stessco Gulfrunner 490
  5. Stessco Renegade 480
  6. Stessco Renegade 480
  7. Stessco Renegade 460
  8. Stessco Renegade 440
  9. Stessco Renegade 440
  10. Stessco Fish Hunter 459
  11. Stessl 440 Apache Open
  12. Stessl 440 Apache Pro Elite
  13. Horizon 485 Sunrunner

Drop in to our dealership today to view in person or call the team directly on 07 5576 7388.

This is the last opportunity to own a boat this year without the long wait times!

Boats must meet minimum package options to be eligible for immediate Christmas delivery.